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Summit Lacrosse League

As some of you know, the Capital Centre (The Summit) has indoor lacrosse games/league in the fall and winter (7 v 7). We encourage new players to get a feel for the game by playing or visiting during the fall. Returning players should consider both or at least the Winter Session to get prepared for the upcoming season in the spring.

We've found that no matter how good you are at lacrosse the Summit league helps you in some way. It could be finally learning to cradle correctly, getting to know your teammates better before the actual season starts, working on using your opposite hand, or simply getting in shape and making tryouts a whole lot easier for you in March!

Registration forms can be found on the Summit's website

Check out the Summit's website at: http://www.capitalcentre.com/lacrosse

Cost: $75 per player

I will need a player to step up and organize the paperwork/recruiting for the league this winter. If you are willing, please let Coach Carr know.


Here is a picture of some of the girls on the winter league.  

Back Row: Morgan, Erica, Lauren, Emily, Brittany, Alyssa,Val

Front Row: Abbey, Brooke, Marina

Not shown: Kristin, Amy, Nikki, Danielle, Jourdan, Kelsey, Marissa.