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Visit Kudda.com   "A Must For Learning And Improving Your Lacrosse Skills"

 Please take some time to browse the Kudda website. With the availability of this resource a player can become an impact player after reviewing the video clips and then taking time to practce them.  Consider these clips homework or extra credit. At try outs the question will be asked" How many Kudda video clips did you watch before try outs?"  

At Kudda.com you can view the following areas:

This week we suggest you review: Misunderstood Rules- Shooting Space/3 Sec's


There are 74 Clinics to view in all.

Passing (13 clinics)

Stickwork (9)

Defense (9)

Goalie (6)

Shooting (6)

 Clears (6)

Offense (5)  



 Dodges (2)

Rides (2)

7 v 7





Sweet Lacrosse Tricks!


Prices listed are quoted as team pricing from Sportsherway.com (Individual pricing may be a little higher)

Tom at Athletes Connection in Lansing has been willing in the past to match the pricing. You can visit the store and try the sticks before you decide to buy. It's always nice to support local businesses!


Look for best fit. All faces are not created equal.

Some favorites include:

STX Forsight (silicone padding)  $40

Debeer Lucent (vision good at bottom of goggles) $48

Brine Concept $25


*DeBeer Impluse Pro(best value) University teams still use this stick (formerly $90 now sells for $49) Most JV players should consider this stick)

*STX ATK (new model with deep pocket & nice feeling head) $83 (My favorite for Varisty attackers)

DeBeer Intution ( tilt shaft and competes with the STX ATK for top selling stick) $95

 *STX Tilt (great for defensive players) 10degree tilt on shaft makes picking up ground balls easier $90 (My suggestion for defensive players)

STX Pipeline (lighest stick you will find) $100 ( nice but pricey)

 DeBeer Apex Pro (heavier than most) $70

Note: the stick is not the magic to playing lacrosse. Cradling must be perfected before you can appreciate the special  design in the higher end sticks.


***Clear or white colors are not permitted***


 Yellow and Orange are the color we play with in our games. Please puchase yellow or orange balls for practicing.

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