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Caila Bulkowski # 33

Height: 5'4"

Favorite Lacrosse Memory: Our Craziness

College: LCC then transfer to Michigan State University  

Career Goal: When I find out you'll be the first to know. haha

Favorite lacrosse brand: hmmm not sure

Hobbies: Lacrosse, Friends, movies, listening to music, etc.

THANKS... MY LACROSSE GIRLS. for making it fun and keeping my head a lot cooler most times because we all know I can get an attitude!! Seriously you girls are sweet, and my advice to you is don't change haha just playing, Everyone says that but seriously you guys are so much fun to just hangout with and to a lot of you I'm sorry we only got one year. I may be annoying and talk a lot and heck I know I get way to loud most of the time but you guys just sort of know that and let me be me. Play STRONG. BE LOUD. HAVE FUN. end of story. I LOVE YA ALL..
VAL-- you and I are like a team! You have opened up to me so much throughout the four years we have played together. Off season we haven't gotten to spend much time together as i would've liked, but you are very funny...I will never forget this one time you and I were going to your house before a game and "Glamorous" came on the radio and of course me pushing you to be bad was edging you on to sing (and swear) and you simply replied i don't know how to spell... (A** ). I will never forget that!!!!! I love ya girl and without you it would have been scary being the freshmen who got picked on! We have been through so much and I hope we can keep in touch.

You guys have so much potential.. work together as a team and play hard! You have to work hard to play hard! But I know you girls can do it!!! Don't let the little things take away from the big Game..

Nicknames/Titles: Caila, commando,captain, red. 


  Valerie Carr # 14                                        

Height: 5'9"

Favorite lacrosse memories: Being moved up to Varsity as a freshman and the one time her dad lifted her up behind the yellow wall on the field so they could get a picture of her "flying".

College: Davenport University in Grand Rapids to play lacrosse. 

Career goal: Nursing (BSN) and Nurse Practitioner

Favorite lacrosse brand:  STX and Debeer if I have to choose

Hobbies: Waterskiing, riding my unicycle, juggling, eating grilled cheese sandwiches, reffing lacrosse, lifeguarding,canoing, playing guitar...

THANKS...  I would like to thank my parents, Paul and Nora for continuously supporting me in EVERYTHING I do and for all those times they drove me to and from practices before I could drive. You've both pushed me to become a better person and helped me set great goals. To my sister Amy, you're a great little sister and I can tell you're going to be one great lacrosse player! Thanks for playing catch outside with me all those times even though you hated it sometimes! To the girls on the team (past and present) I can't thank you all enough for making my time on the team a great one and being like a family to me, I'll never forget you all and I'm very proud of all we've accomplished together! Caila Bulkowski- well we've done it, from little freshman who hardly knew what we were doing, to seniors in our last season of high school lacrosse. I'm really glad you've stuck with lacrosse and been such a great leader for the team. Coach Michelle Chapman- You've taught me everything I know about lacrosse and have been a major influence in my lacrosse career, thanks so much for all your hard work with the team. And last but certainly not least, God for giving me the talent and ability to play lacrosse and giving me everything I need!

Nickname/Titles: Captain for 2 yrs., registered lacrosse official for 2 yrs., Bether-doodle, Vaaaaaalllll, Super Val, and  also known for popularizing the phrase "That's what Val said".



 Whitney Orth # 7

Height: 5 '2.5"

Favorite Lacrosse Memories: the time I climbed over the fence!

College: The Residential College of Arts and Humanities at
Michigan State University

Career Goal: Unsure. Perhaps a writer. Although I really enjoy physics and calculus, so maybe a engineer.

Favorite Lacrosse Brand: Debeer

Hobbies: Reading, writing, watching Arrested Development, playing guitar, hanging out with friends, playing lacrosse, playing ultimate frisbee, laughing, sleeping.

THANKS... To my mother and father for coming to my games and paying for everything I needed. My brother for coming to my lacrosse games, and for playing catch with me this summer. Morgan for befriending me our first year of lacrosse. And everyone else who has helped and encouraged me. I would also like to thank the guy who cuts the grass on the field, and most importantly my dog Ginger, "I couldn't have done it without you."

Nicknames/Titles: "That One Girl", Number 7, Morgan Wilson and WO 


  Morgan Wilson  # 10


Favorite Lacrosse Memories: When Caila covered the ball with her butt, Seymore Butts, and hitting Liz in the nose with the ball and making her bleed.

College: Colorado State University  

Career Goal: Plan to study Pre-Physical Therapy with a major in Exercise Science

Favorite lacrosse brand: 


THANKS...  I would like to thank my family for pushing me to do my best and to Coach Carr for taking over as the head coach. I would also like to thank my agents for getting my name out there.

Nicknames/Titles:  Captain, Scholar Athlete, Number 10, Hommie, and having a warm up exercise named after me..." The Morgan Wilson".

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